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Stand Out Style: Home Decor and Housewarming Gift Ideas for New Homeowners

by Holly Volpe 24 Jul 2023

Moving is hard work, and a thoughtful housewarming gift goes a long way during a period that can be both stressful and exciting. Whether you’re the lucky homeowner or a well-wisher, celebrate the big move with one of these practical yet personality-filled pieces. Check out some of my favorite ideas to add to your registry — or gift to the stylish — below and say “Cheers” to their new beginnings!

eventide wall art

Eventide Wall Art

Striking Wall Art: Are they the kind of person who makes an entrance? Help them make a splash in their new home with jaw-dropping wall art that demands attention. 

Holly’s Hint: Think larger-than-life abstract paintings like the Trumpet Floral Abstract Framed Wall Art or the Eventide Framed Wall Art, vibrant photography, or mind-blowing mixed-media pieces. Trust us, the right piece of wall art will be the envy of all who enter.

3 box set

Kalista Tray Set of 3


Kitchen Must-Haves: If you know someone who recently moved into their first apartment or home, chances are their kitchen could use some love. Make your favorite foodie’s new home cozy with useful and beautiful dining and entertaining gifts. A great serving tray can function as chic décor and home to a tray of cocktails – the best kind of multi-tasker. 

Holly’s Hint: I love the Alessandra Tray and Kalista Tray sets for that reason – get a tray that can do it all.

Usefulness is great and all, but moving is a chore – make sure there’s some fun, too. Give them a gift with a touch of whimsy that they’ll never be bored of with the Oh Whale! Serving Board with Spreader or the Good Mood Food Cutting Board.

Vase photo

Catalana Vase

Flower Power: Are the giftees the kind of plant parents whose cuttings make everyone else green with envy? The Polygon Planter or The Cubo Planter might be the perfect present. Both are made of concrete and work both indoors and out. 

And if they are lacking in the green thumb department, the Acanceh Vase or Catalana Vase sets might be more their speed.

Booth large bowl set

Booth Large Bowl set


Darling Décor: Create a cozy and inviting atmosphere with scented candles or eye-catching bowls. These delightful additions will bring charm to their new space, filling it with a soothing ambiance and maybe even romance. 

Holly’s Hint: I love the playful shape of the Booth Large Bowl set or the whimsical sophistication of the Rosen Candleholder Set to add a fanciful feel.

These unique decor picks will bring them one step closer to making their new space really feel like home. Whether you’re shopping for something practical to help them settle in or something striking to mark this momentous occasion, these unique pieces are sure to make friends and family feel right at home. So go ahead, choose a gift that speaks to their unique personality, and let them know that you're there to celebrate their new home with them. And don’t miss more Hints from Holly - make sure to add your name to our mailing list!

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