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The Common Thread

Boho Design Unveiled: Where Colors, Culture, and Creativity Collide

by Holly Volpe 17 Aug 2023

Step into the dazzling domain of bohemian interior design, where a kaleidoscope of cultural influences, sumptuous textures, and layers galore effortlessly groove together. This style sways to its own rhythm, embracing a carefree charm that’s sassy and spirited. Whether your dwelling whispers rustic farmhouse secrets or shouts sleek modernity, injecting a dash of boho can give any space a touch of unexpected personality.


If you’re ready to ditch the rulebook and embrace the wild, unpredictable nature of the boho tribe, consider this your front-row ticket to a riotous carnival of creativity and self-expression. This is a realm where creativity dances wildly to its own beat. If there’s one style that flips tradition the bird, it's definitely boho. It's not about rigid rules or stifling norms – it's about self-expression.

Bohemian interior design, aka boho design, is like that eccentric aunt who refuses to blend into the background. It's a wild blend of cultural mash-ups and artistic spirit. Think of it as an artful rebellion against boring, cookie-cutter homes.

Boho style roomBoho Style Room Design. Photo: Designers Guild


Boho design isn't just about slapping on a coat of jewel toned paint; it's about crafting spaces that ooze personality and vibrancy. At its core, boho design radiates a free-spirited aura, an energy that echoes the unconventional ethos of its original patrons – the 19th-century artists, performers, and nonconformists who believed creativity was the true currency. In its evolution, boho décor has transformed into a tapestry of nonconformity, an ode to individuality, where freedom of expression reigns supreme.

Bohemian interior design is very trendy right now, but it isn't about chasing trends; it's about curating your very own visual story. It's about capturing memories and dreams in a tapestry of colors, textures, and pieces that hold meaning for you. Let’s take a look at the pieces that have helped put boho in the spotlight.

Ottoman photoDurban Ottoman


Nature's embrace is the heartbeat of boho style, with potted plants, stones, feathers, and rustic stoneware dancing alongside cherished travel finds and family heirlooms. Anchored in the natural world, bohemian interiors weave a story of calming energy and personal connection. Think wooden furniture, jute rugs, rattan decor, and vibrant potted plants serve as echoes of the great outdoors, bringing earthy vibes into your sanctuary. This style thrives on handcrafted treasures, from sculptures to textiles, fostering individuality in every nook. Burlap and sisal fabrics mingle with hanging plants, succulents, and ferns, casting a spell of relaxation, color, and vitality in your space.

Product Catalog #4

1.Gentong Chair - 2.Etna Coffee Table - 3. Durban Ottoman - 4.Bradley Banana Leaf Baskets- Set of 3 - 5. Anassa Round Wall Mirror - 6.Godavari Crochet Pillow


Dita Indoor / Outdoor Knit Pouf 


Splash your space with a whirlwind of hues or bask in the elegance of earthy neutrals – boho style is all about painting your canvas with personality. Classic bohemian design revels in a kaleidoscope of colors, while a modern twist leans into calming neutrals and natural tones. You could dabble in the regal richness of gemstone shades like sapphire, emerald, and amethyst or embrace the "more is more" mantra with a medley of shades that speak to your soul.

Boho color palettes can be as diverse as your journey through the world's beauty, mixing jewel tones, earthy hues, and vibrant shades like turquoise, magenta, and emerald green. Remember, boho cherishes comfort, so balance the vibrant with the serene by weaving in neutrals. Neutrals and earth tones in boho encompass the calm found in the woods: leafy greens, dusty terracotta, muddy browns, and soothing grays.

Boho style products

1. Dita Indoor / Outdoor Knit Pouf - 2. Arioso Pillows  - 3. Catalana Vase Set of 2


Boho Living Room Design Connor Decorative Bowl


Elevate your boho haven with the charm of yesteryear – vintage-inspired treasures are the heartbeat of bohemian allure. These pieces defy the ordinary and also ignite captivating conversations among your guests. Just a handful of carefully selected vintage pieces can weave a tapestry that ties together various design elements, casting an enchanting boho spell over your space.

And guess what? You're not limited to a single design era. Boho is the ultimate style mixer, throwing together pieces from various corners of the design universe. These finds breathe life and history into your surroundings, embodying the very essence of the boho ethos.

 1. Geo Vase Set of 3 - 2. Phoenix Strip Pillows - 3. Cyra Wall Mirror Collection - 4. Connor Decorative Bowl - 5. Kars Rug - 6. Industrial Vintage Wine Rack 


Manisa Rug PhotoManisa Rug


Indulge in a symphony of style as boho design borrows inspiration from around the world – think Moroccan, Indian, and Mexican influences. This artistic medley welcomes traditional textiles, patterns, and motifs, effortlessly fusing diverse cultures into your design canvas. Embrace the souvenirs of your travels as cherished treasures that sprinkle life and soul into your boho haven. Let your space tell the stories of your escapades by crafting a display wall of collected baskets, hats, or trinkets, turning your room into a casual yet captivating museum of memories.


Product Collage

1. Mali Basket - 2.Manisa Rug - 3. Ikat Euro Pillow

So, there you have it – boho design: It’s all about embracing the hues, pieces, and artifacts that light up your soul and crafting a space that echoes your individuality. Meaning it’s the perfect style for the ultimate rebel with a colorful cause.

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